Why I Write

There’s this one type of stock footage that finds it’s way into videos where the directors are trying to look scienc-y.

It starts off with a close up of a serene petri dish full of translucent dye. Then, slowly, a gloved hand moves into the frame holding a dropper filled with a clear liquid, drops it in the middle of the dish and then BOOM, the colored fluid in the dish rushes away from the dropper.

The dish, slow for so long, silently explodes. – Liquid rushes the edges to penetrate toward the boundary of the circle, resembling the fractal top of a cauliflower.

This is my vision of human evolution – this explosion of light. It’s the cultural change that, after being dormant for so long, surprises everyone with the beauty of it’s turning.

My WHY is to accelerate this critical mass of consciousness shift. After all, I was adopted by the light, too. It was touch and go for a while, but at one point, while i was still playing games in the dark-blue space of my heart, taking from others to fill my own wounded holes became unpalatable, not sustainable, icky.

So, here’s the truth. I have no idea where I am in the mass of rushing liquid, but I will throw my entire life and energy to shift this thing we call Human from the stagnant sleep of “me first” to the explosion of giving light and freedom to others.

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