Shrouding Your Shakti

So you want to be pure love in all it’s hot, sticky, marshmallow-y lightning bolts of form? You want to be the rolling meadows of kisses, wind and sunlight? You want the world to know you’re a Priestess, a Goddess and a full moon drum circle? Of course you do… and why shouldn’t you?

As Whitman said in his “Song of Myself”

Do I contradict myself?

Very well then I contradict myself,

(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

I too am in love with your aim to embody pure love in all of it’s forms. But step back into space and time. The realm of two eyes, two ears and one mouth to speak. The realm of the 24 hour daily constraint – one iteration of consciousness on but one timeline.

The more that pesky second-hand ticks on your wrist watch and the sound of the wind whistling through the trees filters through your ears, you see the tender pain in people’s eyes. We invest and then divest from the stories that cause us so much suffering. We increase in wisdom – perhaps with enough time, approach omniscience.

But for now, you’re contained – and the declaration that you are now love in all it’s rich and risky forms abuts wild presumptuousness. It is however, the perfect declaration of your path.

If it wasn’t a journey, you would simply disappear into a vapor or flicker out of sight, vibrating as strings of energy instead of matter.

But if you feel compelled to announce it. . . to “come out” as “pure love”and continue defining yourself in your community, I humbly submit that what you’re saying is that you want to be acknowledged for your hyper-sexuality?

How are we-who-love-you likely to react? What is possible for you after you declare yourself as ‘pure, gooey, heart-racing love’ that is not possible in simply embodying your fearlessly hyper-sexual vision?

Being sexual is great. Being hyper-sexual has it’s perks, too. That sexual energy, that Shakti, is a powerful force and as one who has spent the last few years of my life underestimating its power, I can share this hard-won lesson: It’s best use is it’s most focused use. 

See, it’s not even necessary to examine the costs of unfocused sexual energy in the spiritual realm. There are enough costs solely ricocheting about society to make a great case for managing your creative life force. The reputational cost is real (regardless of your agreement or disagreement with it). Not to mention the time and money spent courting, flirting, foreplay, sex, cuddling, texting and maintaining relationships.

My suggestion for you, Oh ball of unbridled, passionate heat that longs for connection to all?

Shroud your Shakti.

Hold it before you like a secret. Without suppressing it, you draw people to yourself. When you shout your secret indiscriminately, you’ve flippantly shown your cards to everyone in the vicinity. Cards which, in this case, spell out your desire for others to validate your worth through your Second Chakra. Cards which reveal you want to take and pretend you’re giving. It hurts your credibility as pure love.

Your Shakti, the most powerful force on the planet, is the creative life force and pure attraction. It is Life Energy, Kundalini, Qi, Chi, Breath, and God.

Don’t then come out, instead go in and learn to aim your energy with the precision of a sniper. Focusing first on reminding yourself of your own worth. Let the awareness of this worth break through the numb parts that cause you to be unaware of your own body – your own existence as fully-realized pure, squishy, kindled, lustful and giving goddess.

Dear one, you do not risk losing it, but your path of spending your paycheck as soon as you get it leaves little left for investment and dividends beyond dreams.

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